Talent F.A.Q.

1. What makes FiveChairs different from other placement firms or executive recruiters?

Well, in a nutshell: no other placement firms or executive recruiters we've found introduce job seekers (talent) to hundreds, even thousands, of employers (talent seekers) the way we do using photographs, profiles and resumés, our online talent pool, email, and even print...all at a fraction of the cost of other recruiters and agencies. We also allow unmonitored, unencumbered communication between talent and talent seekers, though some employers like to talk 'through' us. We make the introduction, you supply the rest.

2. What does it cost to get started with FiveChairs?

Nothing, nada! So don't hesitate to introduce yourself to us through your resumé. Read the next two questions and answers for more details.

3. What does it cost me if I'm selected for a chair?

Nil, nada, zero... absolutely nothing! FiveChairs does not charge you for applying, completing your profile or hosting your information in our online Talent Pool. A photography fee of $95 is charged for your photo shoot. However, that fee is rebated to you once you've been hired through FiveChairs.

4. Does it cost me anything if I'm hired? I understand it can cost an employer as much as 33% of my first year's compensation to go through a placement or executive recruiting firm.

Here's the scoop. We charge talent seekers about 8.9% of your estimated first year's compensation, which they'll gladly pay because it's significantly lower than the industry average fee of 20% to 33%. So to answer your question, no…it does not cost you anything if you're hired.

5. How long does it take to get placed?

We get this question a lot. And though we've wrung our hands looking for just the right answer, we keep coming back to the same response: we just don't know. It's like asking "how long will it take to sell my house". Unlike other services we know that indicate a specific time frame for placement, honesty is our best policy, and we just can't begin to set any expectations about timeframes. So many factors are involved in a decision maker finding and hiring the right person; some concrete, so not so concrete, and much is out of our control. Every placement is unique. Sorry we can't be more definitive.

6. What is your placement rate?

We get this question a lot, too. Frankly, we don't disclose this information for a variety of reasons. One, for competitive purposes (wouldn't they like to know). Two, because we're not sure what's a 'good' placement rate or a 'not-so-good' placement rate in our industry. And three, because even we told you, it may or may not apply to your unique situation and placement opportunities (we're not 'law of averages' kind of people when it comes to placements - see question 6).

7. Do I have to get my photo made?

Yes. This is part of the truly unique service we provide talent seekers and enhances your introduction to them.

8. What happens at the photo shoot?

Our exclusive local photographers are wonderful to work with and know exactly how to capture your distinct personality for a FiveChairs flight. Should your resumé be selected, then you will be asked to sit for a photo. The invitation you receive via email will give you instructions on what to wear and where to go. It typically takes between 15 and 20 minutes to sit for photos.

9. Can I get my photo made somewhere else or use my Mr. Universe or Ms. USA photo?

No. Our exclusive photography relationship ensures several key details are met: all of our candidates are presented in exactly the same way, the experience of our photography partner has your best interest in capturing your true professionalism, and frankly, we've negotiated a great price for getting this done (actually, it's all about the chair).

10. Can I get copies of my photos for personal or professional use?

Sure. Our photography partner can help you with that, at an additional charge, at the time of your photo shoot.

11. How long are my photo, resumé, and profile kept on FiveChairs' website beyond the email flight?

We'll keep it on our website 12 months (though you'll probably be hired well in advance of that time period, in which case we'll remove it within 5 days).

12. What if I don't want to be marketed by FiveChairs anymore?

Again, we know things happen. Maybe you move out of state, or find a job through another source. Just notify us with the reason you'd like to be removed, and we'll comply with your request as soon as possible (usually within 2-3 business days)